I've loved photography since my 6th grade teacher put a camera in my hand (which was a long time ago.)  I also love meeting new people.  Since I started my business in 2013, I've taken a lot of pictures.

40+ Weddings

50+ Family Portraits

20+ Graduation Portraits

40+ Corporate/ Commercial Shoots

100+ Head Shots

I can't even begin to count how many people I've interacted with in the last 4 years.  And so many types of photo shoots!  Maternity, Newborns, Boudoir, Engagement, Concerts, Parades, Corporate Events, Fine Art, Urban Exploring, and more.

When I started, I focused on basic portraits.  I've always hated having my photo taken.  But I learned to get decent pics of myself.  So every time someone says, "I hate having my picture taken!" I try to change their minds.  I make it fun.  The best compliment I get is, "Wow, that was really fun and I actually like a photo of myself!"

Wedding photography was a happy accident.  A friend was having a small backyard wedding and asked me to take some pics.  I'd never been interesting in shooting weddings.  When I got married, we eloped.  But shooting my friends wedding was fun.  So when another friend saw the photos and offered to hire me (for not a lot of money) I was excited.  After 24 weddings (mostly shot on my own) I can say I've loved every one of them.  

I have a day job as a software tester.  And I run this business alone.  So I am limited to how many weddings I can shoot each year.  I try to keep it around a dozen.  This also means I am not burned out.  I don't shoot 40-50 weddings a year.  So each one is special.  And yes, I cry at every ceremony.  Because I'm mushy.

If you hate having your pic taken, I'm the photographer for you.  If you're getting married and you care most about the photos, check out my portfolio.


Now here are some pics I don't hate of myself.





And in non-photography life...

 I enjoy cold weather, horror movies, cooking, PBS British baking shows, an occasional Bloody Mary, reading memoirs, Wes Anderson films, SNL, and I think Facebook is kind of fun.

I'm married with 2 rescue dogs.