I know how overwhelming wedding planning can be, so I try to streamline the process for you as much as possible. Instead of filing through tons of packages, with options you might not be interested in, I set up custom collections for you. You add exactly what you are looking for, to create the combination that is perfect for your unique wedding day.


We start you off with the starting collection, and you choose exactly what you would like included to create your future heirlooms. There are albums, folio boxes, wall art, additional photographers, and portrait sessions. These custom collections allow us to work together to tell your story, exactly how you would like to remember it 50 years down the road.


Starting Collection: $2495

  • complete wedding day coverage with myself as the photographer
  • retouching of all the final images
  • an online gallery that makes it easy to share your images with your guests. They will be able to download images, and order prints directly from the link
  • a flash drive of your high-resolution, fully-retouched images with a personal rights release

Want to learn more about full collections and how we can create the type of memories to last a lifetime? Reach out, I would love to work with you!




Whether it is for audition headshots, or to document your family (furry friends included!), or just to celebrate a time in your life, we will work together to create a set of images that shows who you truly are. Through fine-art prints, books, and folio boxes, we can make heirloom pieces to be treasured for generations to come. 



Starting Collection: $375


  • a 1 hour session
  • unlimited outfits within that timeframe
  • retouching of all of the final images
  • an online gallery that makes it easy to download and share your images with friends
  • a personal rights release


Interested in seeing yourself, and your loved ones photographed in a way that is real to you? Reach out, I would love to work with you!